Boxing Memorabilia


'Smokin' Joe  Frazier - autographed 'Everlast' Glove!


Frazier Memorabila

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He beat Muhammad Ali in the 'Fight Of The Century', battled him nearly to death in the 'Thrilla In Manila' and then Joe Frazier spent the rest of his life trying to fight his way out of Ali's shadow! Frazier, who died on Monday 21 Nov 2011, will forever be linked to Ali!


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Sugar Ray Leonard & Roberto Duran - autographed 'Everlast' Gloves - "No Mas"!"No Mas"!

Lewis Memorabilia

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On June 20, 1980 Leonard returned to the Olympic Stadium in Montreal to defend his title against Roberto Duran - which Duran won. The rematch took place on 25 Nov, 1980 at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans and Duran, badly beaten by Leonard surendered by shouting "No Mas, No Mas"! The third fight was won by Leonard and that ended their boxing war!


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